Unboxing Sh!t: FUNKO Ghostbuster’s 35th Anniversary Funko Mystery Mini

I’m back with another Unboxing Sh!t production! This one is many years in the making. I’ve been sitting on these Ghostbuster toys for years and finally got around to unboxing them LIVE on Twitch and thanks to Nick (@justcallme_mac) got them edited!

Watch as I open up 20 FUNKO Ghostbuster’s 35th Anniversary Funko Mystery Mini blind box toys. Split into two parts each with 10 figures being unboxed. Will I be lucky enough to unbox one of the rare chase “Slimer Eating Hot Dogs” (1/24) or “Angry Library Ghost” (1/72) figures!! Or will the villainous employees of Gamestop have already cheated and opened up all the rare chase figures for themselves.

This is part one of a two part unboxing. So this is the first 10 figures getting unboxed and you can witness moments of GameStop Employee Suspicion. I do think that the employees at the stores go through and open boxes and bags and take the rare chase figures.  Check out some of the time stamps below and decide for yourself!

-Peep Hole in the corner of bag: 5:28

-Bag Torn Open: 9:47

-Review of odds: 10:54

Here is part 2 of the FUNKO Ghostbuster’s 35th Anniversary Funko Mystery Mini series.  Think I will finally unbox that rare Angry Library Ghost figure?