My friends over at the Astronomicon (Mike, Dustin, and George) invited me to join them on their Facebook Live show “Astronomiconverstions” to talk about their Pop Culture Convention happening in Sterling Heights in February.

If you haven’t heard of it, I recommend checking it out. Really great little con, great celebrity guests from all across the board: features comics, wrestling, horror, pop culture.  Some of this years guest include Bam Margera, Goldust, Twiztid, Ed Furlong, Jake the Snake and tons more!

Get more info at:

Well the guys invited onto their show to talk about this years con and to also interview Ming from ‘AMC’s Comicbook Men’.  You can watch the whole show below.

Pay attention around the 58:00 mark.  Ming reveals something that he has in common with Chuck the Freak!

Astronomiconversations! 01/16/19

Astronomiconversations! 01/16/19 – Join Mike, Dustin, and James from 101 The WRIF while they talk about all things Astronomicon! If you have any questions, call in and get the scoop! Join the party! Share the feed!

Posted by Astronomicon on Wednesday, January 16, 2019