The time is finally here!!! In fact it's a little bit early even. The first time we've ever posted someone else's art for sale on a t-shirt...well technically we own the art, but WHOtheFisJC did not create it. These are five designs hand picked and curated to be worthy of the I'D BUY THAT SHIRT association. Some pieces are from years ago, unlocked at the same time as when he found his old artwork.  Others have been purchased over the course of launching the site. All five designs are available RIGHT NOW at available in short sleeve or long sleeve tees and some in an assortment of colors! Here they are. THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD   This design features a giant monster that even Godzilla herself wouldn't be able to take out.  An enormous Mad Mantis is effing stuff up...hopefully not in a city near you. This one is available on Black short and long sleeve tees. Pick one up here       LuchAAAAAAH-DORE This design features a screaming Luchadore.  This was a design purchased years ago for a clothing line that never made it off the ground. It is available in short sleeve black and brown as

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My Favorite Video Games to Play When Smoking Weed!

Much like Taco Bell and explosive diarrhea another pairing that goes hand in hand is video games and cannabis! Here are four of my favorite video games to play post blaze…and during!

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I am so excited to launch this new side hustle that has been a project since the beginning of the year/end of last year. That is!


Flamin’ Hot Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Cinna-Fuego Toast Crunch) Taste Test

General Mills is putting a spicy twist on one of the most popular breakfast cereals of all time! They just released a limited edition Cinna-Fuego Toast Crunch, which combines "sweet cinnamon and fiery spice." Watch as I taste test General Mills first spicy cereal!

Flamin’ Hot Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Cinna-Fuego Toast Crunch) Taste Test2022-08-25T20:47:49+00:00

Vernors Black Cherry Ginger Ale Review

Vernors is breaking a 50 year long streak and releasing a new flavor of pop! This one is Vernors Black Cherry and it's only available in Michigan and the Toledo area.

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Pickle Bacon Ranch Pizza From Hungry Howie’s Taste Test

A pizza chain known for some of the tastiest crust you can get has put out a limited time pizza option. The Pickle, Bacon, Ranch Pizza! I enjoy pickles, i enjoy bacon, and I LOVE ranch but will i like it as a pizza?

Pickle Bacon Ranch Pizza From Hungry Howie’s Taste Test2022-07-31T19:30:07+00:00

KRISPY KREME + TWIX Donut Taste Test and Review!

There's a new power couple in the world of hot and fresh donuts! Krispy Kreme teamed up with TWIX to debut some new TWIX inspired donuts on the menu. The Caramel Cookie Crunch Bar and the Caramel Cookie Crunch Original and mini!

KRISPY KREME + TWIX Donut Taste Test and Review!2022-02-23T22:48:09+00:00


Check out the spooky themed Halloween content I created this month! Giant skeleton assembly, Ghostbusters unboxing, Halloween candy taste test and more!

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