Taking on the #SpriteChallenge!

The viral Sprite Challenge is super simple. Drink an entire bottle of Sprite without burping. It's a modern day man versus soda battle! Who will reign supreme, James? or the classic lemon lime carbonated beverage, Sprite?

Taking on the #SpriteChallenge!2022-11-03T22:46:39+00:00

The Summer of MTN Dew is here!

The flavor engineers over at MTN Dew have been hard at work creating new flavors of Dew and it feels like they are all coming out this summer! Watch as I taste test three of these new MTN Dew flavors and celebrate the summer of Dew from the cool comforts of my swimming pool.

The Summer of MTN Dew is here!2022-08-19T19:39:51+00:00

SPOOKY STREAM: Outlast Playthrough

In honor of it being October and prime SPOOKY time I am doing a play thru of this game LIVE on Twitch. Enjoy me practically poop my pants in terror as I enter the asylum and have to dodge and hide from scary bad guys!

SPOOKY STREAM: Outlast Playthrough2021-10-28T20:09:01+00:00


Everything you need to know and important information for the first season of the Manthong Throwdown. Want to compete in for a cash prize in Realm Royal? Click here for the details.

MANTHONG THROWDOWN: Season 1 Info2020-11-28T17:33:42+00:00

1st Ep. of RIFF TV’s: Casual Gamer of 2019!

Check out the first episode of RIFF TV’s The Casual Gamer of 2019! This episode I recap what games were HUGE in 2018, introduce Chuck Bean the Casual Gamer Nintendo Corespondent, plus take you inside the Detroit Renegades Esports team house.

1st Ep. of RIFF TV’s: Casual Gamer of 2019!2019-01-20T19:30:31+00:00
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