Here is is the FIRST EVER LIVE ACTION appearances of Jimmy Death Nutz!? These are the very first episodes of SUPER HUNK DEATH MATCH (the most ultimate battle of strength and combat in the history of LIVESTREAMED entertainment)!

Come join the Dark Lord of Obscenities (Jimmy Death Nutz-JDN) as he hosts the every hunk for themselves combat simulator SUPER HUNK DEATH MATCH! Only one hunk can survive each round of death match, does your inner hunk have what it takes?

Prepare for a unique viewing experience as JDN hosts multiple rounds of Marbles on Stream Battle Royale in true Jimmy Death Nutz fashion. Follow the commands from JDN to enter your inner hunk into simulated hand to hand combat inside the Battle Realm of Hunkendorf. Guns, knives, chainsaws, and flame throwers are all being used to finish off opponents. Only the most SUPER of HUNKS can survive!

This stream had some audio issues with the voice modulator and other levels issues as well. Those problems have all been troubleshooted and improved for future broadcasts.


EPISODE 1: Jimmy Death Nutz Debuts

Battle Music Credit: Eov6 – Collide Battle Multiverse



Battle Music Credit: Eov6 – Collide Battle Multiverse

This stream has improved vocal settings as well an addition to surprise fatality sound effects and a blood splatter visual.