Here is is the second match of the season! This match has it all…some more new gamers join in on the action and take on the seasoned veterans… witness a past multi time hunk supreme rise to the top, and how will the dominos fall when our friend from Germany is absent from competition?

Prepare for a unique viewing experience because I messed up and left the match after my elimination so I lost a lot of footage. I substituted action between KillerMan1ac and PFNKIA along with clips submitted from contestants to complete the match.

Thank you to PFNKIA ( and Kill3rMan1ac ( for allowing me to use there match footage to complete this video.

In this match 16 members of the #MANTHONGmafia engage in a battle royale inside of Realm Royale. Who will end up on top when Nixorye, Kill3rMan1ac, JGonz_OTG, alacnarubi, PerplexedEntity, Tabinator1, soup_ladle, delinquAnt508, Valiant Summer, PFNKIA, KaLIBer21, Rexyz2907, Your_Mama180, Bobkid555, advanced22dz, and yours truly loot em up and shoot up until only one Hunk Supreme is left standing!

Here are the results and final standings for the entire season. For more information or questions on the Manthong Throwdown visit