Much like Taco Bell and explosive diarrhea another pairing that goes hand in hand is video games and cannabis!

*** THIS CONTENT WAS ORIGINALLY RECORDED/CREATED FOR DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK/WRIF. The opinions in this video do not reflect those of my employer or the radio show. They are solely mine. Smoke weed at your own risk, this video is not an endorsement on the use cannabis. ***

Shooters and battle royales typically require too much attention to details like aim and trying to keep track of when the next battle ring is closing in…And don’t get me started on the buzz killing stress load from anything close to a survival horror title!

Find a title with the following four attributes and you’ve got a REAL WINNER! For me I LOVE games that combine fun, care free (no storms/battle rings/scary monsters or pushing opponents) gameplay balanced with some mindless repetition and non-serious competition.

Here are four of my favorite video games to play post blaze…and during!


Due to this being written and recorded back in March of 2022, I was not able to include another favorite.  That is Multiversus!  This Warner Bros. take on a fighting game similar to Super Smash Bros. is so much fun to play when baked. Quick matches and an excellent system that pairs up fighters of equal skill make the competition a blast. Whether you’re trying to get a ring out while fighting against Batman and Bugs Bunny or Rick and Morty it is a great way to ride out cannabis buzz.

Had this been written today, MultiVersus is a game that would be included as well.

Those are my favorite video games to play post blaze! What about you …what video games do you enjoy after a 4:20 session?


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