Welcome back Future Hunks! Here is my week three blog on my Road to Hunk-dumb. This week I’m going to give you a few different methods to track your results and tell you why it’s a good idea to keep track of your weight loss progress.

Again I am NOT a doctor. I can not give you any legitimate medical advice. If you are in serious need of losing wight and getting healthy I HIGHLY recommend you consult a medical professional.

Another reminder that I also have NO affiliation with Weight Watchers (WW), do NOT receive any compensation for talking about or mentioning them in my process nor am I trying to pass their program off as my own. I’m just showing you the tools that I found online to help replicate their system and find weight loss success in the past. I highly encourage you to use their program if you feel it can help you find weight loss success. WW (Weight Watchers)


To me it’s important to track your results for a couple reasons.  A- to make sure what you are doing is working and B- to help you stay motivated to keep going. 

For obvious reasons you want to at the very minimum measure your weight from time to time, to make sure your weight is heading in the right direction. You can measure other elements as well as your weight, such as BMI, Blood pressure, and it really depends on what is important for you. Some people measure the circumference of their waist, arms, legs, etc. in addition to their weight.

What I keep track of is my weight.  I weight myself a couple times a week. Every Saturday morning and usually one other weekday morning just to make sure I’m on track and I can adjust my menu for the rest of the week to eat a little leaner or drink more water if needed. I simply just keep notes on my phone that I update each Saturday morning. In addition to my starting weight and how many points I am allowed daily I log each weeks weight as I progress, and I update the total amount of weight i’ve lost as well.


Start: (1/3/2020): 252.7

243.8 (1/11/2020)

240.3 (1/18/2020)

238.5 (1/25/2020)

Current: 238.5 (1/25/2020)

Total Lost: 14.2 lbs.


37 Daily Points

35 Weekly Bonus Points

Those are the stats that are important to me so that is what I log. I like to see the starting weight and current weight so I can see the progress I’ve made.  Having each weeks weight reminds me how long I’ve been on the grind and it’s SUPER easy and convenient to track by just typing into the note pad on my phone.  If I happen to forget how many points I have each day it’s right there just a few swipes or taps away.

If you don’t want to log your own info there are gadgets and apps that can connect to smart scales and your phone to keep track of all your stats, but you will have to do your own research into that. 


When you decide to measure your results is also important. When you are measuring you want to take measurements when you are going to be at your lightest.  That time is typically in the morning when you wake up.  For me its always following my Saturday morning deuce.  You don’t want to measure your weight at the end of a day when you’ve been eating, drinking, etc. Take your measurements in the AM.

Also the day you weigh in is important. To stay consistent you should try to weigh in on the same day around the same time every week. Also try to weigh in before your cheat day (if you use that in your method) or weigh in before you know you might be going off track. I weigh in on Saturday that way I can measure how I did through the whole week (Mon-Fri).  I’m much more disciplined Monday thru Friday in terms of eating properly and go off track much more on the weekends. So I weigh in the morning before I know I’m going to go off track.

If I weighed in on Monday morning after a weekend including a cheat day meal or two and some extra snacking my results will be a little heavier then what I actually made it down to. So I weigh in and go off the tracks slightly then once Monday rolls around I know I’m back on my game and will work those few extra snacks off during the week. Pick the day you weight in to work in your favor on the scale.


There are additional ways to measure whether or not the weight loss plan is working besides weighing your self or measuring health vitals.  Another method you can use to measure success is try to fit into a small shirt or tight pair of pants every couple weeks. Hopefully your plan is successful and these clothes are fitting better or looking nicer on you. Take a pic of yourself in these outfits as time progresses and compare them to see the change.

You can take pictures of your progress.  I share with all the readers picture updates every week of how I look.  Hopefully in a few weeks I can compare the week 1 with the current pic and see a significant change.  Seeing that change will help boost my motivation knowing that I am that much closer to reaching that hunk supreme status.

In addition to gadgets, tight clothes, and weekly pics there are tons of other ways to measure your progress.  Find one that makes you the most motivated to keep going.

For me I have a few t-shirts and button ups that I want to fit into.  Maybe I will post a pic or video of me in a bunch of them right now, then I can compare it to when I am done so you can see the results. Figure out what goal will motivate you most and use that help measure your success.


This week I started at 240.3 lbs. and weighed in on Saturday morning post AM deuce at a whopping 238.5 lbs.! That is a weekly loss of 1.8lbs and putting me at a grand total of 14.2 lbs. lost so far! That puts me between 25-30 pounds away from my goal.  I’ve only been at it for 3 weeks and I’m almost half way to my target weight.

I don’t see much of a difference between pics this week and last and to be 100% honest I am surprised I had that big of a loss.  It was National Pie Day during the week and someone dropped off a delicious ass fucking apple crumble pie and I couldn’t resist eating much more that one slice! But I kept the diet real lean & light and skipped excess snacking the rest of week after the pie incident and bounced back for a loss.

Now I continue on the Road to Hunk-Dumb! Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook if you have any questions on getting started and on your way to beefcake status!