This is the first ever #ManthongThrowdown! A battle royale taking place inside the Realm Royale featuring 15 of the #ManthongMafia community plus myself all duking it out to become the hunk supreme!

Watch (mostly from my perspective) as Valiant Summer, PFNKIA, tattooedcatlady, ODDMANOUTPROP, LifeofSteve, TrueNorthGamer, J-GONZ, Kill3rMan1ac, Don Hades, Tiffany711, Bobby Beans, JaytheJoo, ELUCIDX, EraserBoy, RyRy, and yours truly loot em up and shoot up until only one Hunk Supreme is left standing!

Once I get eliminated I go into casting mode and call the play by play and insert the point of view of the other gamers whenever possible.  Feel free to stop on by on a Friday during F**k S**t Up Friday or swing by my Discord server to sign up and participate!