This episode of WTF Toy Connoisseur is all about these ass faced farting action figures called Buttheads! THEIR HEADS ARE BUTTS!

Butthead action figures are action figures that have butts for faces and fart when you pull their fingers. Not only can you use them to pull pranks by setting a timer and having a butt blast to surprise a friend, you can take on an opponent in a battle of farts where the loser has to sniff the winners stinky scratch and sniff card!

These flatulent fighters are actually pretty cool. I’ve known about them since I discovered the Fart Launcher from episode 1. These guys are loaded with a ton of different fart sfx and each one has a unique sound to them too.  (The Robutt has robotic noises along with the farts. Grim Ripper has some spooky sounds with his, etc.) They’re quite large and would be fun for any flatulence fanatic to pull the finger of one.

The different modes the toys are capable of are just ok, really it just gives them a reason for existence. The prank mode is probably the least practical, it’s going to be kind of hard to guess how long it’s going to take to surprise someone in 5 second increments. Also the fart themed paper, rock, scissors battle is funny, but will never take the place of the classic game.  Again I feel like its there just so that the stinky scratch and sniff card has a purpose.

BUT THEY’RE STILL REALLY COOL FIGURES. Available in buttfaced aliens, zombies, ninjas, knights, and more! They’re humorous and perfect for fart aficionados or adults with the maturity level of an adolescent.  They go for about $10 and you can find them at Meijer, Target, Walmart, and online. If you’re into a farts then Buttheads are for you!