This past weekend was the biggest comic con in the Detroit area.  Motor City Comic Con…or MC3. This is the first time up and running since the pandemic and they had a really great lineup of celebrities to meet as well as some great vendors setup.

In addition to stars like Elijah Wood, Joey Fatone, Ice T & Coco, Adam Scherr was also going to be there.  He was formerly known as Braun Strowman in the WWE before being let go earlier this year.  It just happens that Braun is one of the big WWE Superstars on my Royal Rumble Chair!

So far I have gotten signatures from Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. Now was my chance to add a HUGE (former) WWE Superstars signature to my chair. So I went out there and caught up with him.

After meeting Braun Strowman we made our way over to boy band heart throb and (I can’t believe I’d ever say this..really cool dude) Joey Fatone! We also encountered a unique cosplayer and other cool sights, not to mention free Monster energy drinks! Check out some pics below.

Also while checking out everything MC3 had to offer this year….I began thinking and got a little curious!

I’ve always been curious about what is inside those mystery boxes you see for sale at comic cons. Well at this years Motor City Comic Con I finally bought one and unboxed it!

Watch as I unbox a $100 Top Secret gargantuan mystery box from the MCCC. Do you get your money’s worth? Is it just filled with a bunch of old random nerdom trinkets?

Find out when I open up and show you every single item that is inside the box I picked out.

One thing I did not expect to see while checking out the convention was some insanely out of this world plastic surgery! To each their own but this looks incredible uncomfortable for both of those ladies.

I believe both of those women are internet famous, even Mister Fatone stopped THEM and asked to take a photo with em…

@jcradiosuperstarDidn’t expect to see this at the comic con! 😱♬ Ass-n-Titties – DJ Assault