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The MOST BIZARRE Flavor of Potato Chip EVER?!?

If you've seen the pics that went viral a ways back of the potato chips flavored like a vagina? Well those are real and I bought a bag! Will these chips taste like what they claim to be flavored after?

The MOST BIZARRE Flavor of Potato Chip EVER?!?2023-01-21T19:20:17+00:00

My First GFuel Powder Experience!

I was served up an ad on Facebook for a NEW Battletoads inspired flavor of GFuel and if I preordered it I got a special deal on a shaker cup or something. So I snagged a preorder and decided to try the GFuel powder for the first time! Watch as I crack open a GFuel Zitz Juice gift set? I'll show what comes in the Battletoads inspired set, mix some Zitz Juice up, and give it a taste. https://youtu.be/1xcK1ywdsQ8  

My First GFuel Powder Experience!2023-01-19T21:45:42+00:00

Exotic Snack Viewer Submitted Mystery Box! (From Thailand)

A member of the YouTube community mailed me a haul of snacks she grabbed from a recent trip to Thailand! Watch me taste test international snacks exotic flavored chips and some sort of strange anchovy nut mix!

Exotic Snack Viewer Submitted Mystery Box! (From Thailand)2023-01-16T19:28:12+00:00

Holiday Havok! Taste Bud Torture!

Watch as I put my taste buds through a torturous series of taste test videos. Nasty candy canes! Milk and Pepsi! and Oreo cookies!

Holiday Havok! Taste Bud Torture!2023-01-08T23:09:43+00:00

Unboxing An IDBUYTHATSHIRT.com Order

Get the entire IDBUYTHATSHIRT experience! Watch as I unbox two orders, reveal five new designs featuring curated artwork and explain why some orders may ship in multiple packages.

Unboxing An IDBUYTHATSHIRT.com Order2022-11-29T19:59:39+00:00


The time is finally here!!! In fact it's a little bit early even. The first time we've ever posted someone else's art for sale on a t-shirt...well technically we own the art, but WHOtheFisJC did not create it. These are five designs hand picked and curated to be worthy of the I'D BUY THAT SHIRT association. Some pieces are from years ago, unlocked at the same time as when he found his old artwork.  Others have been purchased over the course of launching the site. All five designs are available RIGHT NOW at IDBUYTHATSHIRT.com available in short sleeve or long sleeve tees and some in an assortment of colors! Here they are. THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD   This design features a giant monster that even Godzilla herself wouldn't be able to take out.  An enormous Mad Mantis is effing stuff up...hopefully not in a city near you. This one is available on Black short and long sleeve tees. Pick one up here       LuchAAAAAAH-DORE This design features a screaming Luchadore.  This was a design purchased years ago for a clothing line that never made it off the ground. It is available in short sleeve black and brown as

ID BUY THAT SHIRT NEW RELEASES2022-11-25T02:19:16+00:00

I lose my Enchirito virginity

Guess what's back on the TB menu for a limited time?! It's the winner of the 2022 Bring Back a Taco Bell Fan Favorite voting competition from earlier this year...it's the ENCHIRITO! Taco Bell has resurrected this item that was originally discontinued years ago for a limited time!! It will only be around until the 30th of November. The Taco Bell Enchirito is a soft flour tortilla filled with seasoned beef, beans and diced onions covered with red sauce and cheese! It's a classic menu item that I never took the time to try! Watch as I lose my Enchirito virginity and taste test this new limited time addition to the TB menu. https://youtu.be/KGxLJQasRzA  

I lose my Enchirito virginity2022-11-19T02:42:57+00:00


Early this year Mountain Dew put out alcoholic versions of their Dew flavors only available in select states. These Hard MTN Dews comes in 4 different flavors and are NOT available in MI. But I got my hands on a 12 pack to taste test them all!

HARD MTN DEW Taste Test! ONLY AVAILABLE IN SELECT STATES!2022-11-09T21:13:12+00:00
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