Here is is the fourth match of the season! Witness an amazing console gamer battle with a PC player, an opportunity for the ManthongMafia to take advantage of Vertex Dacore “the Deutschland Destroyer’s” absence, and an appearance from another D&CtF Alumni. Great battles by Kill3rMan1ac, JGonz_OTG, and PFNKIA!

In this match 14 members of the #MANTHONGmafia engage in a battle royale inside of Realm Royale. Who will end up on top when Nixorye, Kill3rMan1ac, alacnarubi, PerplexedEntity, soup_ladle, JGonz_OTG, Valiant Summer, PFNKIA, Bobkid555, MoldyBaumer, westnile, figment8034, JaytheJoo and yours truly loot em up and shoot up until only one Hunk Supreme is left standing!

A $200 cash prize is on the line at the end of the season as well as prizes for 2nd, 3rd, and most kills! If you’re interested in taking part in the weekly battle all the info can be found at