WELCOME! to the webpage.

Thanks for checking out WHOtheFisJamesCampbell.com! This is going to be home base for all my ridiculous crap that I spew out onto the internet.  I'll also try to post blogs and maybe some behind the scenes/stories behind some of the dumb things I'm up to, in addition to where I'll be hanging out events I'm attending or working. I hope you noticed that kick ass hunk riding that Unicorn farting a rainbow at the top of the page! I want to thank my friend Fel3000ft Fel is not only the man responsible for a majority of my tattoo work, but he's also a local Detroit graffiti artist, a legit one too, not like your buddy who sprayed a penis on the dumpster behind your neighborhood 7-11. If you've been down to the Hopcat, seen the side the of the Emerald Theater in Mt. Clemens, or watch the Lion's attempt to play football on TV you've seen his work. Highly recommend following him on social media or checking out his tattoo portfolio. Again thanks for checkin out the site! It will slowly be getting content put up as I finish creating it!