AirSex was coming to Detroit! (which is a live improv contest/show where contestants pantomime sex acts) I had never heard of it before, but a few of Dave and Chuck the Freak listeners knew of it and messaged me. Looked it up and figured I’d have a real shot at winning Detroit and did! 

My performances are below as well as some photo’s from the Metro Times

As the winner in Detroit I was invited to compete in the Finals in Austin, Texas that winter. The WRIF and Dave and Chuck the Freak hooked me up with a station sponsor and they flew me down to take on the best Airsexuals USA had to offer.

I personally feel I got robbed by not making it into the finals.  I was the second competitor and post show one of the judges felt shared with me that he thought I went too early and was forgotten, that’s why I did not make the final 3.  I performed in a gimp mask, pantomimed a rusty trombone, and ate a poo!

Here is my performance: