If I don’t post a Manthong Snowblowin’ video on social media did it actually REALLY snow in Detroit?

If I don’t post a manthong snowblower video did it really snow in #Detroit? #SnowMageddon2019 #snowpocalypse #snow #manthongmafia

Posted by Whothefisjc on Saturday, January 19, 2019

The first “heavy” snow of 2019 is here…actually this is the most snow I think we’ve had so far this winter. Just because it always gets a good response on social media and people get a good laugh from it I snow blew my front walk and driveway in the most homoerotic outfit a man could wear doing snow removal.

Captured some video and shared it to socials media for the Snowmageddon LOL’s.

I noticed that someone was making the rounds in the news for snowblowing the walk in a funny outfit and I thought that this could be it! My manthong enthusiasm may have finally broken into the mainstream…but it was not me.  It was another person in an inflatable dinosaur costume…

Whomp whomp…at least the person was local to the Detroit area! Props to you on your winter time viral success. Maybe we can join forces and snowblow as some sort of snow removal dynamic duo…still think being out in the elements like this is crazier then being in a halloween costume.