The weather is changing from hot to cold, the scent of pumpkin spice is in the air, grocery stores are unloading bags of fun size treats! The means October is here and Halloween is upon us. One of my favorite times of the year is Halloween time and this year I decided to try to do something different content wise.

I actually went out and tried to create content that tied in with the season and Halloween time. Check out a variety of different videos below.  Everything from an unboxing of Ghostbuster’s toys, taste testing some new Halloween treats, assembling an enormous halloween decoration, and more!

You remember those 12 foot tall lawn skeletons that from Home Depot that went viral last year!? Well I wasn’t able to snag one last year but I got one for this season.  Watch me unbox and assemble that big boney bastard below!


All that assembly makes an Halloween enthusiast hungry! Check out this “Just Snackin'” LIVESTREAM from Twitch where I taste tested a bunch of new Halloween candies, treats, and pop!

With it being October, it’s the perfect time of the year to play with some Ghostbuster’s toys! My friends at the Detroit Ghostbusters sent me a bunch of Mini Stay Puft surprise canisters to unbox! Not only was this the messiest unboxing ‘ve ever done, but I managed to decode how to determine which figure is in each container!  Check it out below.

To keep things spooky I’ve been playing through a VERY scary game. Scary isn’t strong enough to describe this game cause its more terrfying! Outlast is the name of the game and I’ve played it for a couple hours that last 3 Sundays. Below you can watch the videos, there are TONS of jump scares and I’m planning one final stream of Outlast. Sunday, Halloween Night at 7pm over at

So watch these and get caught up!