On the 5th day of Hanukkah this year (2019) I asked Jason the Jewish Phone Screener from the Dave and Chuck the Freak show to join me in eating some tasty (and some not so tasty) Hanukkah delicacies!

We cook up 32 latkes (potato pancakes), 18 blintzes (cherry, blueberry, potato), a full loaf of challah bread, 2 jars of gefilte fish, 2 bottles of grape juice, 8 donuts, horseradish, apple sauce, and some chocolate coins!  Jason gives a little bit of info/history about some the foods we scarf down before he totally dominates the muk-bang.

He consumes a crazy amount of latkes, blintzes, donuts, and olives!!! While I make myself sick trying to take down an entire jar of gefilte fish and nearly cause Jason to puke!

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