Ho Ho Holy shit! This year I got back into the swing of printing my own “naughty” custom holiday greeting card and I think this is by far my most twisted and filthiest idea I’ve had yet.

Typically I get a kick ass local artist or friend to depict me as some sort of Holiday Anti-Hero trying to join in on the war on Christmas, or a photo of me in some sort of hunky homoerotic holiday getup.

Here’s one of my past cards:

This year I went back to the “hunky” holiday outfit…sort of, but put a disgusting twist on it. I did this years card themed as “THE HUMAN SANTA-PEDE” a festive twist on a soon to be horror classic.  Besides what says “Happy Holidays” better then a string of Santa’s eating poop?

This years cards also came with a Human Santa-pede sticker.

Originally I planned on doing it as a string of Santa with two elves, but decided for costuming/props and cost reasons it would be much easier to pull off as me playing the role of multiple crap ingesting holiday saints. I was also going to do it bare assed, but decided to go undies up for the comfort of the photographer.

After crapping up my Santa costume and beard along with some whitey tighties (the ones discovered at the WRIF studios hanging from the fence back in September), a white tank top, and youth sized jock strap with a mixture of melted chocolate ice cream, frosting, chocolate syrup and corn we setup the basement took a shit ton of shots.  Photoshopped the best one’s into the Holiday greeting card below:


A few of you that got on the Naughty list this year received Xmas cards and sent me your reaction videos!  Thank you to Cody, @DetroitMedicDude #ManThongMafia, and @AnonmyousPaul!

Here are their reactions below:





So the bar is set for next year! The gears are already turning for what I can do to meet or exceed this year’s card.  Sexy Krampus is leading the way so far!  Who knows what it will end up being.  Be sure to follow me on whichever social media platform you prefer to find out or learn how to get on the naughty list!

Hope everyone has a great holiday and Happy New Year!