This Holiday season my content has been filled with taste bud tortures and this one is another one of those risks!

This alleged former holiday tradition is attempting a revival and has the potential to be delicious…but even so mixing Pepsi and Milk sounds like sacrilege!

Watch as I put my taste buds to the task of tasting Pilk and Cookies! I mix some Pepsi and milk and give the Oreo Most Stuft cookies a taste test!


Most of my taste test videos feature items that have the potential to be delicious. Sometimes a potentially delicious taste test isn’t as entertaining as one that could taste bad…like really bad! This is one of those.

I found a website that sells novelty candy canes. Not like ones that are flavored to taste like foods you’d enjoy, these are more of a punishment. Like something Santa would bring bad children on Christmas day. These candy canes are flavored like Sardines, Pickles, Mac ‘n; Cheese, Caesar Salad, Hot dogs, and Ketchup!

Watch the first video I almost throw up trying to film!