A twitter follower named ‘bathrobe joey’ (@joey2chill), was scrolling through Reddit and discovered this handsome hunks averagely tanned and toned body was being featured in meme someone created poking fun of PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds) for players dropping into battle in thier underpants.

They used one of the MOST patriotically erotic pictures ever created to really make this meme get some attention. Check out the tweet I received from bathrobe joey and then the actual post on reddit!

Here’s the actual Reddit post on the r/callofdutymobile subreddit. Please feel free to check it out, up vote (or down vote if you want to be a dick about it) and comment a “WOWABUNGA” … or don’t. Some of the comments are pretty entertaining.


Now if you’re worried about getting busted by your bros for meat gazing at my awesome package, don’t fear…

Just tell them what you were really admiring was the “impressive shotgun” I was holding.

Which is what I think happened to one Facebook follower!