I am so excited to launch this new side hustle that has been a project since the beginning of the year/end of last year. That is IdBuyThatShirt.com!

Photo by: 4 elements photos (instagram: @4.elements.photos)

It’s a print on demand store that will print some of my own original artwork from years past with plans to add new designs and another wave of other artwork I haven’t uploaded yet. All artwork on the site is either created by me or curated by me.  Right now everything on the site is mine!

Photo by: 4 elements photos (instagram: @4.elements.photos)

I will be making posts on social media giving a little back story to how the design came to be and other BTS info during the creation.  Please follow the store!
Now this is a print on demand store so I don’t personally handle any of the printing or shipping but I’ve tried to pick printers that offer a good balance of processing time, shipping cost, and print quality.

What I do handle is the artwork and the customer service. So if there is ever any issues with anything lacking please let me know. (EMAIL ME)

If you are a neighbor from the north (Canada) or other international shopper I am still working out how to get international shipping or if I can select a foreign printer…still going through the learning process.
I want to thank some members from my gaming community (The MANTHONGmafia) for their help in making this possible. The for her hard work on the logo. (Please check her out here
And a big thank you to for his photography! He took some killer shots and had a perfect location to shoot this spring. Here are some more of his shots from this shoot.
Thanks so much for checking out this blog. Any comments, suggestions, or items you would like to see printed please let me know.