Well it took a global pandemic to finally get my ass to start producing these videos! Ever since my fiancé subjected me to some of the most horrible reality tv imaginable I’ve been hooked. It’s like digital heroine…I’m addicted.  Every episode is one graphically bloody mess of a train wreck after another YOU CAN”T LOOK AWAY!

With every episode there is almost guaranteed to have some moment of stupidity so huge it makes you weep because you laugh so hysterically. When those moments would come up I would always crack a joke about it to my fiancé…which usually resulted in me laughing harder then her… But I noticed no matter which show we watched if it was “reality” or “psudeo-reality” television you could always find one really dumb moment to poke fun at.

Teen pregnancy shows, home repair, LIVE Cops, foreign fiancés, newly weds, lottery dream homes, drug addicted celebrities, extreme junk collectors, no matter what the subject they all have these little reality bytes…

After a few weeks of this I remembered Joel McHale from “Community” had a show on E! called “Talk Soup” that essentially was a TV program that had already made the same observations and was proof of concept in my book. If the idea got on TV maybe it could find success on YouTube as well.

So from an idea and inspiration I had a few years ago to finally now. Streaming made me learn the ability to chroma key video and a global pandemic gave me some spare time on my hands. So like Captain Planets shady younger brother I combined all these things to give you “Reality Bytes”

Here are the first 2 episodes.  I hope you enjoy them and I plan to keep making these at least throughout the shelter at home order! Stay safe, stay healthy, and don’t let the coronavirus catch you down! Thanks for watching

You can find the videos posted on my IGTV page on Instagram as well!