If you are an avid listener or fan of Dave and Chuck the Freak you know that I was let go from my job a little over a week ago. I have not responded to any comments, messages, or the like for legal reasons. I don’t want any kind of interaction to be taken any sort of way.

I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who have sent a DM or commented a well wish, a thank you, or acknowledged my existence on social media. Extra special thank you to everyone who has placed an order from ID BUY THAT SHIRT!!!

I really do appreciate everyone who has reached out and said something positive. I’m honestly overwhelmed with all the messages and all the attention this situation actually got.

I will miss working on the show 1000% percent. It’s been one of the biggest parts of my life for such a long time. I’ve known Dave, Chuck and Lisa for so long and am so used to seeing them almost every day it’s super weird to not see them. If not for Dave, Chuck and Lisa you wouldn’t know who I am or even be reading this.

They took me on one wild ass ride. I got to do a lot of stuff some people who have worked in radio for a long time have never been able to do. Traveling across the country and to international destinations …for of all things manthong bathing suit photo shoots…

I was able to do something I would have nightmares about as an intern, run the board of the morning show, my b-hole has never puckered more than the first time I had to sit in for Chuck. On top of running the board I was able to help fill in for Dave and kind of sort of “drive the bus” for a handful of shows, that I’d say we’re pretty good. I was able to write scripts and work with clients that allowed me to use some of my own humor, was almost the voice for a well known condom brand…still bummed that didn’t happen.

This ride also allowed me the opportunity to host a nationally syndicated esports talk show, be a part of a nerd culture podcast, meet pro wrestlers, ask Dax Shepard about his prosthetic penis in that movie! I was able to meet Steve-O and Tom Green. I’m friends Danhausen!!! Plus gained the notoriety of being a homoerotic manthong enthusiast. One conversation with a man in a Panera bread turned into all this.

I don’t think there’s much more anyone could want to or try to accomplish. I kicked a freaking dude in the nuts for crying out loud. I’m proud of everything I’ve done for them and my work with them. I’m bummed the ride is over, but am incredibly thankful for Dave, Chuck, and Lisa. I wish them nothing but good shit! They’ve always had my back and have forever changed my life for the better.

The fact that Dave mentioned me not being on the show anymore is HUGE, to me that meant a lot. That’s not something he had to do and it probably caused the show a lot of hassle. In my opinion, that was not only a huge sign of respect to me, but to you the listeners. Keep that in mind when you start talking about a boycott or stopping listening.

They’ve always cared and respected the listeners of the show. That’s not something you get from a lot of shows and personalities. Dave and Chuck listeners are special and I appreciate you guys embracing me as a part of the show. If you’ve ever come out to an event to meet me, watched a piece of my content, or laughed at something I said thank you so much! Literally had no idea so many people actually laughed at the homoerotic stuff. Extra special thank you if you are one of them.

I have zero hard feelings about any of this, the timing sucks, but any time you get let go is a bad time. This is just how the industry is. Radio is trying to figure things out still and I’ve seen so many other much more talented people get cut in the same way. Sometimes your time is up. All in all everything has been incredibly fair and I don’t have anything negative to say about the situation.

Technically I have a sugar momma now and I get to learn a dozen new dancie dances with my son every day.  Right now that’s where the universe wants to put me, so I’m gonna dancie dance my ass off with him until the next opportunity comes up. James Campbell with son

I’ve already had a couple really cool phone calls.

I don’t know if you’ll hear me live on the radio anymore, definitely not for the next little bit…But I am open to opportunities so if you’re hiring feel free to reach out.

Also I’m down if there’s anyone in the cannabis industry looking for help too. I know a thing or two about a thing or two…wink wink

I’ll definitely be working on a livestream schedule on Twitch/YouTube, that is where you can keep up with this formerly cool dada.

Someone put my VENMO out there, please do not send money. I promise me and my family will be just fine!

Keep in mind you are welcome to protest the decision, but maybe try to do it in a constructive way. Tweeting a bunch of expletives at a company and tagging me and the show is prob not the best approach.

I appreciate every bit of support you all have shown, but some stuff could do more damage than good.

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