Watch me as I feel the sensation of Satan himself tea bagging me with his unkempt nutsack! I take on the One Chip Challenge and survive!

During the challenge I feel sensations of intense heat, pain, begin to involuntarily tear up, and experience an adrenaline rush.

After a few unpleasant trips to the bathroom during the following days…all is better. I feel like the spices scorched up the inside of my guts a bit, going to wait a few months before any more spicy challenges happen.  Don’t want an ulcer.  But that spicy gummy bear is on my radar!

This challenge was done LIVE on the air on the Dave and Chuck the Freak morning radio show on Friday December 4th 2020. You can hear full the episode and watch other content at the links below.

You can download the full LIVE recording from the Dave and Chuck the Freak show here:

You can watch the Dave and Chuck the Freak Peep Show episode here: