There’s a new power couple entering the world of hot and fresh donuts! Krispy Kreme has teamed up with TWIX to debut three new TWIX inspired donut options on the menu.

Krispy Kreme has just added the Caramel Cookie Crunch Bar as well as a Caramel Cookie Crunch Original and mini version to the menu. The bar version of the donut is a long john type donut covered in chocolate frosting, TWIX crumbles and pumped full of chocolately kreme and a full TWIX bar shoved inside, while the original is a chocolate frosted donut also covered in TWIX crumbles and some dulche de leche drizzle with a bunch of salted caramel kreme pumped inside, while the mini is a tiny version of the original.

Watch as I taste test and review all three of these new donut varieties! Will they be a delicious match made in diabetes heaven or will they be too busy and overpowered by the sweetness?!