Here is the eighth and final match of the season! Thank you to everyone who has participated and watched these videos!

Here are some quick stats on the entire first season of the Manthong Throwdown.

  • Total of 8 weeks long
  • 44 different players took part in the Throwdown
  • Players from across the globe including USA, Canada, Germany, and Australia
  • 124 players were killed in the making of this season

Now “The Deutschland Destroyer” Vertex Dacore has decided to sit this one out! So who will come out on top? Kill3rMan1ac … PFNKIA? or could Westnile and JGonz sneak there way into 3rd with a perfect score and really shake things up!

In this match 17 members of the #MANTHONGmafia engage in a battle royale inside of Realm Royale. Who will end up on top when Berko87N87, Bobkid555, Taubinator1, Kyliana, Nixorye, Kill3rMan1ac, alacnarubi, [TBN]PR1M3Keskey4802, Westnile, JGonz, PleasedAlpaca96, OddManOutProps, PerplexedEntity, Valiant Summer, sidewalkchalk, PFNKIA, and yours truly loot em up and shoot up until only one Hunk Supreme is left standing!

Thank you to all the players that participated and an extra special thank you to the players that provided game play clips to be included in this video.

Here are the final standings!