4/20/2021 Mario Kart Stream Details

Here are all the details for the MANTHONGmafia Mario Kart FOUR20

The MANTHONGmafia asked for it…well l3f3bvr3 demanded it and the mafia backed him up. One of the best games to play when your celebrating 4/20 is Mario Kart IMO so I figured we could race and battle for prizes then raffle off some $$$ so everyone that is a part of the stream can have a chance to win something.

We may kick the stream off doing a little “Just Snackin’” if I my Tokyo Treats package arrives or I can find the Mystery Flavor Sour Patch kids. If no snacks are available we’ll do a few warm-up races then get the contest races/battles started.

MANTHONGmafia Mario Kart FOUR20

When: Tuesday – April 20, 2021

Time: Going live at 4PM ending around 6:30PM

What: Mario Kart 8 Races/Battles

Where: twitch.tv/WHOtheFisJC

Why: Celebrate 4/20 with the MANTHONGmafia, play some Mario Kart 8, and win some prizes!  Gift cards/Steam codes will be given away for winning during game play (specific rules and game modes will be announced on stream) as well as a Visa/Mastercard Cash card raffle at the end for anyone in the Twitch chat.

The raffle is open to anyone who is in the chat and follows the channel when we do the giveaway (if you win and your not a follower we pull another winner..pretty sure you an check that?!). No matter what country you live in…the only other exception is if it will cost more than $5 to mail you the prize then your country is not eligible or if I can not legally just mail it to your through USPS your country is not eligible. Sorry!

Prizes will be gift cards mailed inside of a greeting card, like grandma used to do on your birthday (RIP) so regardless of where you live the $5 cost really should not be an issue. Prizes are non-transferable, you win it I mail it to you, you do want you want with it.

I’m not mailing stuff to other people, no sob stories or exceptions please. You get it, do want you want with it.