In addition to moderating the Haunted High Ons panel with Twiztid, Dirk Manning, and Ken Levin…where they made a couple HUGE announcements…another series of Haunted High Ons and working Ken Levin (executive producer of The Boys and Preacher) on turning Haunted High Ons into an animated series. I was also asked  to moderate the panel immediately after…TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman!

I was super stressed but couldn’t turn down the opportunity to interview the co-creator of one of my most beloved childhood toys, cartoons, and movies!!! I knew I couldn’t do it alone, so I tracked down Chuck Bean (aka Chzuck) from NerdRadio and WRIF on-air…one of the most knowledgable nerds I know.

He was down to help out and I personally think we killed the panel! Hardly any notice, barely any time to research, yet I feel we still asked some great questions and got some good info from Mr. Kevin Eastman himself!

Thanks to everyone at MNE and Astronomicon for allowing us to host this panel! Thanks to Acronym Official for taking photos.

You can watch the entire panel below, it is also available at the Astronomicon YouTube Channel