Watch as I taste test two different flavors of Mountain Dew! Both the MTN Dew Cake Smash flavor and the BRAND NEW MTN Dew Flamin’ Hot flavor were available online only at the Dew Store and for a very limited time.

Both flavors sold out in minutes, but lucky for me my Snack Dealer was able to get their hands on some “Cake Smash” and my wife was able to get through on the Dew store before the “Flamin’ Hot” sold out online.

Cans of these flavors can be found on eBay selling anywhere from $15-50 USD! In this video I will crack open a can of each limited edition flavor. Pour it into a small glass so you can see it, plus I tell you about the aroma, flavor, and whether or not I would buy this flavor on a regular basis!

Flamin’ Hot Taste Test – 9:04