During the WRIF Sin City Takeover in 2015 I met a couple that won a trip to come party with us in Vegas.  There it was mentioned to me that they had thought about getting married and wanted to do a Star Wars themed wedding.

I had been ordained online to do a wedding at a fast food restaurant that fell through a couple years before this so I was able to actually conduct the ceremony. We found a way to tie the wedding into a premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (thanks Emagine!) and got some members of the 501st involved.  The couple got married and then got to watch the brand new Star Wars film.

This video originally aired on @DaveandChuck  twitter/periscope account

We even had WXYZ Channel 7 in Detroit to come out and cover the event. This video was recorded off my TV and the segment originally aired on WXYZ.