For this year’s WWE Royal Rumble we decided to check it out in person.  Flew out to Arizona and mushroom stamped the WWE Universe!

The same sign as the one taken away from me at RAW (as well as a couple more) flew out to the rumble with me.  This sign was a giant 3 foot X 2 foot cardboard print out of my face and it ended up landing in some pretty good shots on camera during the PPV.

The Royal Rumble was a blast. Not only did I get to permanently embed my face (literally) into the WWE Universe, we were seated next to the actor that played Orin on Parks & Rec on NBC ( I took a creeper selfie…)

but we got to keep our chairs too…I also got to sing the “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” along to Kurt Angle’s entrance. Lots of cool shit that made the sting of Cena not being there. I talk more about going to the Royal Rumble in the latest episode of NERD Radio.

Listen to it here:

Below are some shots of my face photobombing the WWE Universe and images from their official social media pages.



And below is the coup de grâce of the whole trip.  The Official WWE Instagram post congratulating Seth Rollins on his Royal Rumble victory featuring my HUGE ASS FACE in the background.  Kind of blurry but I challenge you to get a better photobomb!