For the record I am a Ride or Die boy for Dave and Chuck and whichever company we’re wearing the jersey of…we currently work for the best rock station in Detroit in my opinion. But I would not be here with out 89X.

That station was a HUGE part of my life, it sucks to see something get tossed away after the amount of hours of work put into it. My time doesn’t even compare to the OG’s like Cristina (who is still one of the coolest and talented people to crack a mic),  Dave and the other programmers that busted their asses to make it cool and some of the others who were there from day 1.

Before I even had the idea of getting into broadcasting I would always turn to 89X for a chance to hear Blink 182 (Dammit) RATM or Green Day…the first bands I discovered after Weird Al. I actually won a contest on-air that completely changed my career trajectory.

From about 2002 to 2013 with a year or so missing while I did time in AZ…Those were the “good old days” for me but just didn’t realize it until I got much older. No one stops to tell you “These are your good ole’ days…enjoy them!” WISH I WOULD HAVE SOAKED IT IN A BIT MORE… I remember one of the first times I EVER felt even kind of cool in a room full of strangers…it was working one of my first events wearing that crisp new 89X shirt/uniform.

A majority of my youth was spent grinding and learning how to be successful in the radio industry working under three different bosses, learning different things from all three (1 of which I still work for). I also learned how to NOT be successful watching some of the clowns that worked at that place. Made some lifelong friends and a couple enemies, connected with Dave and Chuck, got to design billboards, a vehicle wrap, t-shirts for multiple stations. I had self taught myself photoshop so I could do all these things (a skill I still use today on a regular basis)

SEE SOME HERE: (obviously some parts are not updated)

It was responsible for my first time getting pulled into Canadian customs, it educated me on some slight cultural differences between US and Canada, I got to meet a ton of bands, got to live out some “jackass”esque type fantasies (speedo challenge, homeless challenge) roasted tweens at a twilight premiere…a lot of firsts and accomplishments, I could name more but i’ve flexed enough. Here are some pictures of highlights…well pics I have from that far back. Most of them were shared to myspace and sadly are gone…

Lots of crazy accomplishments for a nobody…RIP to 89X and thanks.

Talk to you tomorrow morning at 5:30am on 101.1 WRIF in Detroit for FRIDAY BITCHES!!!