Outlast is a first-person survival horror video game. It is an incredibly scary game and in honor of it being October and prime SPOOKY time I am doing a play thru of this game LIVE on Twitch.

Watch the jump scares LIVE at twitch.tv/whothefisjc Sunday nights 7-9p ET Final stream is on Halloween!

Enjoy me practically poop my pants in terror as I enter the asylum and have to dodge and hide from scary bad guys while I explore the basement and the prison area inhabited by two very well endowed scary individuals. How long can I last in Outlast?


Come along for this ride of terror as I attempt to escape the asylum through the showers, which then takes me to the sewers all just to end up captured again, this time some crazy doctor. Part 2 is below!


YOU’RE STILL HERE?!? Thanks. I continue my attempt to escape the asylum. First I gotta get away from that crazy doctor, then attempt to meet up with a priest out in the courtyard, then in the women’s ward!

Getting close to the end but still a little left to play! There will be one more stream of Outlast on Sunday, Oct. 31st at 7pm over at Twitch.tv/WHOtheFisJC 

Join me and the #MANTHONGmafia for the final stream, hopefully we will beat the game and I lasted the whole game!!