Hey there future hunks! Here is my week #2 blog on my Road to Hunk-dumb!! It’s a little late because I got caught up playing in the snow over the weekend. Don’t believe me watch the video below!

Again I am NOT a doctor. I can not give you any legitimate medical advice. If you are in serious need of losing wight and getting healthy I HIGHLY recommend you consult a medical professional.

Another reminder that I also have NO affiliation with Weight Watchers (WW), do NOT receive any compensation for talking about or mentioning them in my process nor am I trying to pass their program off as my own. I’m just showing you the tools that I found online to help replicate their system and find weight loss success in the past. I highly encourage you to use their program if you feel it can help you find weight loss success. WW (Weight Watchers)


Now that I’ve finished all the snowblowing and have taken a hot a shower I’m finally able to blog this all out! So last week I gave you the game plan and the tools to get started on your own Road to Hunkdumb, if you missed it, click here.

You now know how to figure out how many points you should be eating a day and you know how to determine the point values of your food. Now you can just go out and start eating food willy nilly and hope you’ll be able to make your points last all day, right? …or you can take your points and divide them into different meals/snacks throughout the day so you’ll have more points to spend on meals that are more “meaningful” and you’ll be able to maximize the use of your daily points.

By meaningful I mean a meal that you typically HAVE to feel full or satisfied by.  For example, I personally don’t give a crap about breakfast, at least during the weekday mornings, but dinner is a very meaningful meal to me. I love feeling all fat and sassy after eating dinner, watching some pregnant teen reality TV or WWE while I wind down and get ready for bed. So when I divide my points out I leave the least amount for my breakfast meal and a bigger amount for dinner.

Smart Ones have point values on the box, are affordable but a little bland.

I currently get 37 points a day and I’ll show you exactly how I break down my points. I divide my day into 4-5 different meal times.  This is because in the past I was told by a trainer your metabolism will burn most efficiently when you eat 5 small meals/snacks each day. I divide my points out like this:

1-Breakfast: 6pts

Smart Ones Breakfast meal (5) + Iced Coffee (1) protein shake creamer/sweetener

2-Snack: 4/5pts

Quest Bar (4/5) protein bar


Turkey/Chicken breast sandwich on wheat/low cal bread (8/10)

meat (0) cheese(1) bread(4/5) Low Cal Mayo (1/2) Veggies (0)


Fruit cup -fruit in water unsweetened (0) or string cheese (2)


Various low calorie meals

These are the point totals I shoot for each meal/snack. Keep in mind I still have those weekly flex points (35) so if I f**k up and find myself in the drive thru of my local Cheesy Gordita Crunch dealer I have a cushion of points to pull from.  If it’s a rough day and I’m dying for some candy or other snack I dig into those points as well.

Weekends I’m little more loosey goosey with my meals and points. I typically use Saturday as a pseudo “cheat” day. I say that because I don’t over indulge but I do NOT count my points on Saturday. We’ll typically go out to dinner so I try to eat as light as possible all day sticking to low point or 0 point foods then go H.A.M. at dinner!!


Monday thru Friday from breakfast until my second snack are almost carbon copies of each other. I might switch up the flavor of the Quest bar I eat as a snack or different meat for my sandwich, etc. but for the most part each day is similar with the exception of dinner. Dinner changes the most, but still typically one of dozen or so favorite recipes. For me this is the easiest way to stay on track. Rinse and repeat!

In order to do this I have to do a little bit of planning and prep. I have to make sure I have enough Smart One meals, Quest bars, protein shakes, in addition to supplies for sandwiches, fruit cups, etc. Sometimes if I know what I want to cook for dinner throughout the week I’ll buy those ingredients too.

One day a week (Sunday) I try to grocery shop and buy all the different things I need to be successful and eat while at work. Dinner ingredients usually get bought the same day I’m cooking or a day or two in advance. Produce goes bad so quickly and I don’t like too many raw meats in the fridge, so I f**king live at the grocery store! I COULD also buy the foods I need for work each day, but I tried that and would forget stuff ALL THE TIME! So I have to do it this way, otherwise I’ll forget something and then be tempted to go roll the diarrhea dice at the work vending machines.

If you’re able to plan EVEN better then me you can probably make 1 trip to the store and get everything you would need for an entire week. I definitely recommend this method, just for some reason I ALWAYS forgot things I needed to buy or forget I had foods in the fridge and they go bad or unused. Just have to do what works best for you.

Once you get a game plan, use your tools, be strategic with your points, and prep a head a little bit this whole journey is gonna be a cake walk!


This week I started at 243.8 lbs. and weighed in at 240.3 giving me another loss of 3.5 lbs.  I am now down a total 12.4 lbs since the start of this quest for hunk supreme status. I have a little over 30 lbs left to reach my target weight.

Now I’ve been on the Road to Hunk-dumb for 2 full weeks so big loss weigh-ins are going to be a thing of the past.  Most of my excess body water is gone, my face is much less bloated, and my body as whole feels much tighter.

You can already see a difference in my pics this week compared to last week.

I tried to keep the momentum going this week and stuck to my points, but indulged in a bit more diet pop and a few extra snacks this week.  I still tried to get as close to 8 glasses of water each day, but still have not done much in terms of exercise, unless you count shoveling snow.

Now I continue on the Road to Hunk-Dumb! Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook if you have any questions on getting started and on your way to beefcake status!

More tips and an update coming in a week!