MTN Dew Baja Deep Dive could be one of the most rare flavors of Dew I’ve ever gotten my hands on!

Baja Deep Dive was limited to 18,000 six packs of the mystery flavor and no word on if it will ever be put into actual production. This ultra rare flavor was given out as a grand prize to participants in the Lost Treasures of Baja Island sweepstakes over the summer.

Thank you to fellow junk food connoisseur Shawn Nickerson who was generous enough to give me some to sample!

Tons of speculation about what the flavor actually is. Some think it could be related to a past DEW-mocracy winning flavor Pitch Black, do to some of the artwork on the can.

In this video I will crack open a can of this beverage, describe the aroma, flavor and show off the can. Plus I will try my best to make a guess at what the actual flavor could be! Will it be any good or is this one flavor that should stay buried deep in the history Dew flavors?