Quite a few people have reached out after watching me eat a tarantula on YouTube. All asking the same thing…why did you eat that taratula? Well, actually there is a reason for such a shocking snack.

I have actually had the help of a couple YouTube senseis/mentors who had a video call with me after finding my channel.  They both gave me some advice on things that I can do to help get more views and potentially get something to take off. Going after viral food trends and things in that niche.

Amongst a few other tips, one of the recommendations was essentially eat weirder shit. Eat some stuff that people would freak out or be repulsed by. An edible tarantula to me seemed like one of the worst possible things to eat.

So that is the reason behind eating it.  If it would shock me to see someone eat one, and shame on all you YouTube posers that just sit there and scream like ladies for 5 minutes and never actually eat the thing, I felt like it would shock others.

Got a shocking food you want to suggest I attempt to eat? Please reach out!

ICYMI: Want to see me eat the tarantula you can check out that video below.