In a stroke of luck I was chosen as a winner for one of those bottles of MTN Dew Baja Blast Hot Sauce!

If you’re a fan of MTN Dew Baja Blast, you’ll love this video! In this video, I’m going to unbox the most exclusive hot sauce: MTN Dew Baja Blast Hot Sauce!

Watch as I unbox the MTN Dew Baja Blast Hot Sauce and give it a taste test. This hot sauce is very rare and was only available as an online prize! I’m excited to see how it tastes and see if it’s worth the hype.

I’ll take a look at the ingredients, taste the sauce, describe the flavor, and give my verdict on whether or not we think it’s worth buying!


If you don’t have the full 15 minutes to spend watching that here is the :90 second version.


Finally got to taste my bottle of Baja Blast Hot Sauce! @mountaindew #bajablast #bajablasthotsauce #mtndew #tacobell

♬ Instrumental Hip Hop 90´s – Vagabeat