This episode of WTF Toy Connoisseur features Hangrees Chew-Kaka Slime Pooping Parody Toy!

This was the perfect WTF find right before the release of Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker! Not only will we get to see one of the most beloved characters from the Star Wars galaxy on the big screen but now we can WATCH HIM POOP!

I really enjoyed this one! It was pretty messy getting powder and some Wookie diarrhea on my table cloth. It’s pretty much a gross out nerd/pop culture parody slash science experiment. Mixing the eyeballs and the powder inside the KFSea bag reminded me of those old school kids chemistry sets.  Love that the characters get a clear toilet to carry their poop inside and the dirty bunghole detail. The gross details in these toys are awesome!

The price range for this one is $6-$10 which at $10 for a one time experience is kind of pricey, but on the low end is totally worth it! They have a huge selection of nerd/pop culture figures they parody too. (TMNT, Fortnite, WWE, DC comics, etc.) Each character has it’s own food type item and different colors/textures of shit! Like I said the gross details are awesome!