@midnight appearance! (November 2015)

I’ve had the pleasure of Chris Hardwick and the folks of ‘@Midnight’ include an image of me from my first appearance on the People of Walmart in one of their episodes!

@midnight appearance! (November 2015)2019-01-17T02:43:01+00:00

Fox 2 #TheNine Program appearance (November 2014)

Back in November of 2014 some turd from Target was going viral and getting a bunch of internet fame for his photo at work.  We talked about it on Dave and Chuck the Freak and I was MAD!

Fox 2 #TheNine Program appearance (November 2014)2019-01-17T02:42:54+00:00

Detroit AirSex Champion! (August 2014)

AirSex was coming to Detroit! (which is a live improv contest/show where contestants pantomime sex acts) I had never heard of it before, but a few of Dave and Chuck the Freak listeners knew of it and messaged me. Looked it up and figured I’d have a real shot at winning Detroit and did! 

Detroit AirSex Champion! (August 2014)2019-01-17T02:42:46+00:00

People Of Walmart Appearance #2 (July 2013)

This was my second appearance on the People of Walmart website.  Again this was a Dave and Chuck the Freak radio stunt similar to the “Speedo Challenge” instead this time I wore an American Flag manthong into a few different stores to see if they would still serve/assist me.

People Of Walmart Appearance #2 (July 2013)2019-02-06T21:52:27+00:00

People of Walmart appearance (May 2012)

In May of 2012, Dave and Chuck the Freak asked me to take part in their “Speedo Challenge.” This stemmed from a discussion about people shopping in a bikini and the show wanted to know if a guy could shop in a speedo.

People of Walmart appearance (May 2012)2019-01-17T02:42:32+00:00
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