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James VS. the EXTREME Spicy Noodle Challenge

Can James handle the heat of one entire package of the Samyang 2x Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen noodles? It caused a man to go deaf for 48hours! Are they as spicy as ALL those other YouTubers claim?!

James VS. the EXTREME Spicy Noodle Challenge2021-02-05T01:00:38+00:00

More SH!T Gets Unboxed!

This time around I unboxed 19 different Funko: Ad Icon Mystery Mini blind boxes! Watch me in my quest to unbox two of my beloved, childhood food mascots...The Kool Aid Man and Count Chocula!

More SH!T Gets Unboxed!2021-02-02T22:34:33+00:00

The Return of UNBOXING SH!T!

One of the first videos ever posted to my IGTV was a blind box toy unboxing video series called "Unboxing Sh!t." Well it's finally back into production and I kicked the return off by unboxing some FUNKO Universal Monsters mystery minis.

The Return of UNBOXING SH!T!2021-01-18T01:56:33+00:00

James Vs. The One Chip Challenge!

James takes on the internet infamous ONE CHIP CHALLENGE! Now this is one spicy chip, the Paqui chip is packed full of spice from the Carolina Reaper pepper coming in at 1.9 million Scoville units.

James Vs. The One Chip Challenge!2020-12-27T15:39:15+00:00

Manthong Throwdown Season One Finale

The inaugural season of MANTHONG THROWDOWN has come to an end! The $200 cash prize has been claimed but the race for 2nd, 3rd, is still quite close!

Manthong Throwdown Season One Finale2020-12-05T21:40:55+00:00

The ALMOST Season one FINALE!

The MANTHONGmafia has become BALLS DEEP into Season 1 of the Manthong Throwdown! Only 1 match left to play after the results of this competition!

The ALMOST Season one FINALE!2020-11-27T19:07:04+00:00

Manthong Throwdown rages on!!!

The MANTHONGmafia has OFFICIALLY put 6 matches in the books! With only 4 matches left to play time time is running out get some points on the board.

Manthong Throwdown rages on!!!2020-11-19T21:21:32+00:00

RIP… and Thanks!

I didn't plan to write a whole blog about this...but it started to spiral into more then just a tweet. Here's a Throwback Thursday for ya!

RIP… and Thanks!2020-11-19T20:28:41+00:00

Officially Halfway into the First Season!

The MANTHONGmafia is OFFICIALLY half way through the entire first season now after 5 official matches in the books! We still have 5 matches left to go and there's still plenty of time to earn some points before we end up balls deep in the season.

Officially Halfway into the First Season!2020-11-08T14:05:28+00:00